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POWERFUL ADVENTURE - Character Development Workshop

Taught by our friend from Disney - Alex Luxeburg

Ages 7-12

August 7 - 11th

Monday – Friday 9:00am - Noon

Performance 11th Noon

In the style of Encanto, just like the Madrigal family, learn what it means to have the responsibility of a super-power and be a part of a family team.

- If you could choose your super-power, what would it be?

- How would you use your super-power to make a difference for good?

- How would this affect the world around you?

Create your character in detail, perform a monologue about your character, perform a group scene & song with choreography. (learn more about choreography terms and movements).

You will provide your own costume pieces to help bring your character to life!

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Wednesday, August 2, 2023

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Liesl Davenport
Liesl Davenport
Jul 28, 2023

I'm having trouble registering. When I click go to checkout, nothing happens. Can you help?

Replying to

I am so sorry that I am just seeing this as I never received notification previously. Did we get you all squared away? Hope to see Vincent in our next workshop.

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