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One of the best ways to develop technique is through private instruction. Private lessons help students grow as singers and performers, and also cultivate important skills such as discipline, time management, and perseverance.


We love getting to know our students on an individual basis, and seeing them mature not only as musicians, but as people.

Lessons start at $100 per month, which includes 4 half-hour sessions. Additional lessons may be scheduled at a rate of per lesson. Intermediate and advanced students may also opt for hour-long lessons, at a reasonable rate of $200 per month.

Day, Evening & Weekend Times Available!

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Private Lessons: Student Testimonials

Wonderful teaching, both in person and online. The teachers were so creative and adaptive when we had to switch to online learning, and I really appreciate it!

Michelle S.

The teachers put everything they've got into their students, and love to give them new and innovative ways to share their talent and hard work. Not only do they get amazing growth from each and every kiddo, they give them MANY opportunities to gain confidence in performing in new and creative ways.

Bethanie O.

Stage Door Studios has excellent teachers. They are both highly trained and educated, but still communicate with their students in ways that are easy to understand. You can tell that they truly care about their students!

Kathy G.

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