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Fun for the whole family, a murderous romp with a British humor twist.  Come and meet the D'ysquith family and friends and get a good dose of laugh therapy.  Murder has never been so comical.

A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder Cast List


Monty Navarro: Alex Iraheta


The D’Ysquith Family*: Jason Ruppert


Sibella Howard: Graceyn Dowd


Phoebe D’Ysquith: Sam Ryan


Miss Shingle: Brianna Starkey


Tour Guide and others*: Catalina Gonzalez


Lady Eugenia D’Ysquith and others*: Lexi Burns


Miss Evangeline Barley and others*: Jordyn Hopfensperger


Tom Copley and others*: Benny Iraheta


Chief Inspector Pinckney and others*: Jack Solon


The Magistrate and others*: Matthew Sperling


Full Character Assignment List


The D’Ysquith Family: Lord Adalbert D'Ysquith, Lord Henry D'Ysquith, Lord Asquith D'Ysquith Sr.; Asquith D'Ysquith Jr.; the Rev. Lord Ezekial D'Ysquith; Maj. Lord Bartholomew D'Ysquith; Lady Salome D'Ysquith Pumphrey; Lady Hyacinth D'Ysquith and Chauncey D'Ysquith.


Tour Guide: Mourner; Ancestral Portrait; Skater; Bridesmaid; Pub Owner's Wife; Mrs. Pebworth; Phoebe's Maid; 3rd Newsboy; Tailor; Selina Chard (Servant); Flower Girl


Lady Eugenia D'Ysquith: Mourner; Tourist; Ancestral Portrait; Skater; Bridesmaid; Mrs. Hetherington; 4th Newsboy; Tailor; Flower Girl


Miss Evangeline Barley: Mourner; Sibella's Maid; Tourist; Ancestral Portrait; Bridesmaid; Miss Hayes; Tailor; Hilda (Servant); Flower Girl


Tom Copley: Mourner; Tourist; Ancestral Portrait; 2nd Clerk; Skater; Tailor; Groomsman; Dr. Brownlee; 1st Newsboy; Weight Lifter; 3rd Actor; Ancestral Bust; Walter (Servant); Dr. Pettibone (Medical Examiner); Prison Guard


Chief Inspector Pinckney: Mourner; Tourist; Ancestral Portrait; 1st Clerk; Skater; Tailor; Groomsman; Pub Owner; Mr. Cross; 2nd Newsboy; Weight Lifter; 1st Actor; Lord Asquith's Physician; Ancestral Bust; Mr. Waters (Servant)


The Magistrate: Mourner; Tourist; Ancestral Portrait; Skater; Tailor; Groomsman; Pub Patron; Henry's Employee; Mr. Goodsall; 2nd Actor; Alfred Gorby (Butler); Lord High Steward

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